The Hunter Family

Brad & Susan

The Thomas Family

Laura, Bruce III, Bruce Jr., Betsy, Betty, Meghan & Eric

Betty, Flower Girl

Betty is Blake’s sweet and brilliant niece. She enjoys counting to ten, blowing raspberries, and saying “avocado.” Babysitting Betty is one of Blake and Anna’s favorite weekend activities. Be sure to check out her dance moves at the reception!

Marianne, Maid of Honor

Anna hit the jackpot when she was randomly assigned as Marianne’s freshman roommate at William & Mary. In the past eleven years, they've spent seven under the same roof. Marianne and Anna have built their friendship on a rock-solid foundation of bad (great) reality television marathons, late-night nachos, and cake-in-a-mug (recipe available upon request). Marianne is devoted to her family and friends, and takes care of everyone around her.

Rachel, Bridesmaid

Rachel and Anna met in third grade. Their friendship grew through many recesses spent deep in conversation and a mutual love of the performing arts. If they weren’t sharing the stage, they were supporting one another, attending countless chorus concerts, dance recitals, and musicals over the years. A conversation with Rachel is like a therapy session - she always puts things in perspective. Though they’ve lived in different cities since college, Anna is so thankful they’ve remained so close.

Maggie, Bridesmaid

Maggie and Anna first met in high school, but grew close at William & Mary through many theatre and English classes together, and many late-night adventures after mom (Marianne) had gone to bed. Maggie is quick to lighten the mood with her infectious laugh, and can always get Anna to join in and laugh at herself. She's also fiercely competitive. Don’t mess with her over board games or at the flip-cup table.

Caitlin, Bridesmaid

Caitlin and Anna started as work-friends, but were destined to be friends in real life, too. Caitlin is an amazing teammate and friend - always asking, "how can I help?". She loves to travel off the beaten path, and is probably counting the days until she jets off on her next adventure. She’s also a social butterfly, and if weren’t for Caitlin, Anna would likely spend every weekend at home in sweatpants. Caitlin and Atticus (pictured), are frequent visitors in the Hunter-Thomas household.

Brian, Best Man

Brian and Blake met on the steps of the University of Virginia Rotunda in 2007. Their mutual love of heady tunes and juicy IPAs has increased with each passing year. Blake values Brian’s opinion, and appreciates his honesty. Whether helping out a stranger who is up a creek without a paddle, or getting lost in the woods at Marvin’s Mountaintop, Blake and Brian always have a good time together.

Ben, Groomsman

Ben and Blake went on their first date to McGrady’s Irish Pub in 2012. They’ve been grilling meats, drinking beers, and seeing live music together ever since. Ben is a great listener and a thoughtful friend, and Blake appreciates his positive attitude. His gregarious personality has earned him the prestigious title of “Happiness Coordinator.”

Eric, Groomsman

Eric, the middle Brother Thomas, enjoys beer, bourbon, barbecue, and boats. Eric is known amongst family and friends for his incredible generosity and dependability - he is always up for a good time, and always there to help you out of a jam. Luckily for Blake and Anna, Eric and his wife Meghan live just a few miles away.

Bruce, Groomsman

Bruce is the eldest Brother Thomas. When he’s not closing deals or hanging out on the playground with baby Betty, Bruce enjoys traveling the world with his wife Laura. Blake appreciates Bruce’s unconditional support. He is always there with great advice in tough times and the first to offer congratulations in good times.